Uhhh Where’s the posts you talked about?

Lovely fiber friends,

First, thank you for stopping by. It’s truth time: I did plan to write a blog post to explain what to do after casting on a toe up sock using Judy’s Magic Cast On. I still want to write up this blog post. However, I am a little zapped right now.  

In addition to be a full time human, wife, mother, YouTube creator, knitter, new spinner, keeper of The Fiber Indy List and Fiber Happenings….I have been volunteering as a texter for the Joe Biden campaign.  I try to keep politics out of this space. (I promise, I do try.) But, there are three week until the most consequential election of my lifetime.  (The second most consequential was 2016).  I have to believe that in the end I did what I could to make a difference.  

Not everyone may agree that getting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris  elected is the best thing for the United States. But, for me and my family it is.  In the midst of everything I am doing, something has to give. For right now it’s the blog space.  The good news is there is only three more weeks until Election Day – the last day of Election Season.  But, until then, unless it’s something I can rip off quickly, I’m going to put a pin in the blog.  

With that said, I’m going to ask you a favor: in the next three weeks you will likely get your phone blown up by political campaigns. Trust me, I get it.  These texts can be annoying and feel intrusive.  But, I ask you to assume that on the other end of that cell phone connection is a human being volunteering their time from home in the Unites States.  Please respond to the text like you would a human being standing in front of you.  

The people volunteering to text and call are not paid. We  do not want to annoy you.  We do it to identify supporters, recruit volunteers and encourage people to vote. 

You are very likely getting similar sounds texts from different organizations. Every group gets their contact lists the same ways: publicly available information in voter rolls.  If you are getting too many texts all you have to do is text STOP and you will be opted out.  If you get another text, it’s most likely a different organization with a different list created from the same database of information: voter rolls.  Text “Stop” again. 

Profanity does not get you off the list.  Sending GIFS or images does not get you off the list. There’s a good chance the tester can’t even see it.  Responding with nonsense does not get you off the list.  The best way to ensure you get off a list is text “Stop” 

Okay, thank you for understanding. 

Happy Health and Happy Knitting! 

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