Fiber Happenings: May Patterns of the Month


Summer is here, but before we get too deep into heat waves and ice cream let’s take a look back at the patterns that cam out in May 2021!

Knitters often worry that summer is too hot to work with wool.  To that I say pshaw. When the sun goes down, and the temperature drops is a great time to pick up your wool and sticks to work on a shawl for the cooler days of fall that lay ahead.  The Tidelawn shawl is a perfect, restful knit. Worked in garter stitch it features an asymmetrical triangle shape with lovely stripes to keep things interesting.  And if you finish it before the leaves change? Wouldn’t it be lovely to throw in your bag so you have it ready when the A/C is making things a big too chilly?

Asymmetrical triangle shawl featuring gray and purple stripes stretched over two thick ropes

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These are my indispensable tools for when I need to pin block my knits! See why I include a baby bath in this



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​Amy Snell, The Devious Knitter: The Wanderoo Sock


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Victoria Marchant Knits: Rosehill


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Liz Corke Knits: Cranachan


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