Better Late than Never: A Look back at new patterns from January 2021

One of my New Year’s resolution is a monthly post of the new patterns released from the past month and appeared on Fiber Happenings.  There are so many beautiful, original designs that come out  each year that it’s hard sometimes to keep up with it all.  So, make sure to check back at the beginning of each month to see what patterns you may have missed OR to take a look at the pretty things again.  


Liz Corke Knits: Nathair-Sgiathac
I discovered Liz Corke while creating The Fiber Indy List and she is now one of my favorite knit designers.  Her work just speaks to me, even if I can’t always pronounce the Gaelic names. (I’m the problem, not the Gaelic) This pattern blew me away when I saw it.  It features two stranded color work patterns: one side the tough hide of a dragon, the other side the soft belly. 

 Click to see more of the patterns that were released in January 2021!  Patterns appear in the order they were released. 
Nathair-Sgiathach is worked in Sport Weight Yarn (UK 4 Ply). I think a gorgeous yarn that would suit this project is the Knit Picks* Galileo Yarn.  This is a 50% Merino Wool/50% Viscose Bamboo. The viscose bamboo gives a touch of luster to the merino wool. And don’t we all love merino wool? 
*As a Knit Picks affiliate I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases.  This helps support my Youtube Channel, Fiber Happenings and The Fiber Indy List. Thank you! 

A Bee in the Bonnet:  Gladdening Sock Pattern*

*This is an Etsy affiliate link.  Note for affiliate links to Etsy, commissions are paid by Etsy and NOT the design who will receive the full amount of your purchase. To learn more about affiliate links please visit my FAQ.

Sometimes I feel like DPN’s, sometimes I feel like circulars.  I love the Knitter Pride DPN’s both in Karbonz and the Nova Platina Square.  I find both hold onto the stitches well.  When I want more grip I use Karbonz. When I have the need for speed, I choose the Nova Platinas.  

For circulars, I’ve never found a needle faster than the Addi Sock Rockets.  My preference is two circular needles so I buy two 16 inch circulars for knitting.  Also, Addi now has their own square needles! 

*As An Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.  But, I will only share products that I would recommend to my very best friend.  

Atalante: Twisted Pussy Hat


​Aklori Designs: Adventure Wrap

Victoria Marchant Knits: Hearth Hat

This is one of my favorites of January.  It’s a companion hat to Victoria’s Hearth Fingerless Gloves*, and it brings me a smile whenever I see it.  
*As a Lovecrafts Affiliate I earn on qualifying purchases.

​Natali’s Crochet Design: Convertible Pony Tail Hat 

​Confusionmaven: Amigurumi Kawaii Hearts Pattern

OMG could these be any cuter? This is a great project for leftover yarn!

​Periwinkle Dragon Designs: White Water Rapids Toque


Amy Snell, The Devious Knitter: The Briolicious Cowl


​Louise Tillbrook Design: January Cowl 

This is another favorite pattern from January.  It’s just look so warm and cozy and I’m fascinated by this textured stitch pattern.  

Amy Snell, The Devious Knitter: Wanderly

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