Fiber Happenings: March New Pattern Releases

Can you believe we are a quarter of the way through 2021! Time does fly.  The end of March was a interesting time in the Fiberverse with the end of  Classic Ravelry and the rise of Dark Rav.  You can hear all my thoughts on it on Knit Tea Live!: End of Classic Ravelry. 
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March also saw me Spin a Yarn and tell the incredible but true story of Mystical Creation Yarns: A Tale of Bleeding Yarn and Faked death.  It may seem like I’ve given up on Knitting tutorial videos, but not so.  My first video of April is a good old fashion tips and tricks video as I look at Left Leaning Decreases!
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I want to thank everyone who has continued to tune into my YouTube Channel and check out Fiber Happenings.  Carrie CraftGeek on YouTube is nearing 1000 subscribers and it is thanks to all of you.  This past month has been busy with work, life, the site and YouTube.  But, speaking with all of you during Livestreams and social media is a true joy in my life.

Pattern of the Month

If you watch Knit Tea Live and stay for Pattern Spotlight, my favorite new pattern will be no surprise: Ozkan-Bullock Designs: March Flower Mitts.  The moment I saw this pattern in the Ozkan-Bullock Designs newsletter all I felt pure joy.  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, and I think one of the happiest.  I believe whole heartedly that 2021 is the year of stranded colorwork.  I’m seeing so many patterns featuring this technique. This pattern is the perfect pattern if you are new to this technique!   You can find all of Bullock-Ozkan designs for sale on her Payhip store. 

Make Sure to Click on More to see all the new patterns featured on Fiber Happenings in the month of March!

Knit Picks Palette yarn is a fingering weight yarn designed for stranded color work.  You are sure to find the shade you’re looking for in this expansive range of colors available!

*As a Knit Picks affiliate I may earn a small commission if you click on my affiliate link and make a purchase. These commissions help support my YouTube Channel and website. Thank you so much for your support!

​A Bee in the Bonnet: Plentitudes Shawl*

Lauren Rad of A Bee in the Bonnet has a new pattern featuring her trademark combination of textured stitches and lacy details. This shawl features seed stitch with bands of lace. From the description it looks like a triangle shawl. I think it would be perfect for the adventurous beginner ready to try lace fo the first time or the experienced knitter looking for a soothing project with just enough twisted stitches, increases and decrease to stay interesting.

Project is worked with fingering weight yarn held double. Sample knitted with needles US 4 (3.5mm)

Available for Purchase atA Bee In the Bonnet Etsy Store

​*As an Etsy Affiliate I earn on qualifying purchases.  Note these commissions are paid by Etsy and not the designer

​Victoria Marchant Knits: Sapling

“Trees fall for both storms and the wind, leaving behind seeds and saplings so a version of them can grow again.” – Notes on Survival, Nikita Gill

Sapling is a hat full of optimism. Little saplings flourish around its circumference, reaching ever higher towards the warmth of the sun. A lightweight hat knit in 4-ply yarn, it’s perfect for the first chill of autumn or the last brisk days of early spring.

Available for purchase at Victoria Marchant’s Website!

CU Knitted Green Hat worn on woman's head. Hat features lacy pattern on reverse stockingnette background

Liz Corke Knits: Lozent

Lozent is a Scots word meaning diamond patterned – the perfect name for this cowl covered in diamond shaped leaves! Knit from the top down with its’ leaves increasing in size from the top to the bottom, Lozent is a cylindrical cowl with a simple but fun lace pattern! It’s a great introduction to lace for a new knitter or an easy, relaxing pattern for the more experienced knitter and is a fantastic layering piece as we move through the seasons.

Available for Purchase onLiz Corke’s Website!

Medium Shot of White Dress Form wearing Green Cowl with Lacy Diamond motif

*A Bee in the Bonnet: Pebbles by the Sea Hat (Updated Pattern Release)

The Pebbles by the Sea Hat is being re-released on March 26 with expanded sizing, an LVA version, clearer photos, and better instructions.

Pattern for sale onA Bee in the Bonnet Etsy Store*! 

*Indicates an affiliate link.  

Cu light pink knitted beaning with alternating columns of lacy and seed stitch sits on marble table surround by cup of tea, white flowers, victorian scissors and pin cushion

​Aklori Designs: Along the Way Shawl

Another beautiful Tunisian Crochet shawl from Aklori Designs. This pattern is a triangular shawl worked side to side. ​

Aklori Design Pattern available for sale on her Payhip store!

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