Happy New Years!: A look back at some of my favorite new patterns from 2020!

It’s New Years Day. I planned on getting this blog post up sooner, but life…what else is new.  Going into this New Year I am, as always, cautiously optimistic.  You may have heard it’s been a tough time in the world.  It has.  I do not know what 2021 has in store.  But, to paraphrase Andy Dufresne, hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing.  

On Fiber Happenings I try not to play favorite with designers and their new pattern releases.  But, I’m only human.  Of course, I have patterns that spoke to my heart and soul strongly.  So, in no particular here is five of my Favorite patterns that appeared on The Fiber Happenings.   (I have more and hope to show off some more favorites from 2020 as we move into 2021!) 

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Victoria Marchant: Hearth

Two hands forming heart shape and wearing fair isle fingerless mitt. Background color is green/blue and fair isle motif features hears and diamonds in red

I love fingerless gloves. I love color work.  No wonder this is one of my favorite patterns from 2020! Every time I see them I just smile.  Recently Victoria Marchant released her collection: Well in Hand.  These are hands down my favorite. 

My Fingers Fly: Roller Skate Pillow

I love the retro fun of this roller skate pillow.  Whenever I look at Lisa Ferrel’s work the word whimsy pops into my head and we can all use a touch of whimsy in our lives. 

​RowRowandKades: Arrowroot Sock Pattern

There is something about this pattern that sooth my soul. (No pun intended)  I love that the stitch pattern is both textured, but delicate.  I can imagine myself keeping my feet warm and cozy in these socks as snuggled up on my couch with a cup of tea… or wine, listening to an audiobook.  
I have never mastered the art of reading a book and knitting at the same time, which is why I love audiobooks! 

When I’m knitting and listening to a book, I imagine  I’m back in the days before TV and radio when a family would gather together as one person would read to everyone.  

With a 30 day free trial of audible, you receive two free audio books.  

Periwinkle Dragon Designs: The Fade Out Mitts

Hand wearing white, grey and blue mitt. Color forms bullseye pattern starting at thumb and radiating out

This may be the most innovative new pattern I saw in 2020! These mitts are worked from the thumb out using basic shaping and a few short rows.  I almost wish I lived in colder weather so I could grab some leftover yarn, make a pair, and play in the snow. 


This corner to corner crochet blanket is one of a series of baby blankets featuring adorable creature faces.  I chose this as my favorite because raccoons are not your typical animal featured on baby items.  And, frankly, I’ve had to deal with raccoons swimming in my pool. Trust me raccoons are way cuter on a baby blanket than in real life.  Make with Meggie’s work can be found on Etsy*!

Regardless if every designer is represented here, I want to say a big thank you to the designers who have adjusted their business models to provide accessible spaces to see and buy their work. This was a lot of unplanned, additional work for designers.  I hope in some small way The Fiber Indy List and Fiber Happenings supported their effort and helped makers looking for accessible resources connect with them.  

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