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This is my little corner of the internet.  My name is Carrie, aka Carrie CraftGeek. I have been knitting for over 20 years and crafting my whole life. I started this space to house my blog, provide links to my YouTube videos and show off whatever projects I have going on.  

Now it’s also the home of the The Fiber Indy List!  TFIL is a Directory of designer’s offering accessible means to purchase patterns and receive pattern support.  There are over 50 designers on the TFIL.

The TFIL Main Page now has Fiber Happenings:  A central place to keep up to date on new pattern release, KAL/CAL, and special offers from designers!  In addition, it is one place to keep up to date on news and sales from around the fiber universe.  (Want to know more about TFIL, check out the FAQ

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**Amazon Associate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases


A space to find news from around the Fiberverse, including Off Rav Patterns Release & MAL, Sales, and More!


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I am Carrie Craftgeek, crafter, knitter, crocheter, and creator! I’ve been crafting my whole life and knitting for over 20 years.  I love researching knitting techniques so I not only know how to do something but structurally how it works.  I also am an opinionated knitter.  After years of dreaming, I finally gathered up my courage and started a YouTube Channel to share tips, tricks, options, and preferences with other people.