Why did you create the Fiber Indy list?

In June 2020 Ravelry rolled out their new site design, ie NuRav.  Soon thereafter, there were reports of NuRav triggering migraines, headaches, vertigo, eyestrain, and a few cases of seizures.  (Please visit The Blog to learn more about this) Many Ravelry users could no longer access the site, and many members chose to stop using Ravelry in solidarity.  The ensuing controversy over Ravelry and accessibility lead many designers to set up alternative e-commerce platforms to sell their work.   Designers have chosen different methods to do this including integrating a shopping cart on their own website, setting up accounts with e-commerce sites such as Lovecraft, Etsy, Payhip, and others.  

The Fiber Indy Lists serves as a resource to connect designers and makers in this new environment. 

Do the designers on the fiber indy list still sell patterns on Ravelry?

Some designers on TFIL  plan to continue selling patterns on Ravelry and some have chosen to take their patterns down.  Both are welcomed on The Fiber Indy List as long as at least part of their catalog is on a non-Ravelry site and they provide support outside Ravelry.  The goal here is to aid makers and designers  find each other outside of Ravelry, and not to “take down Ravelry.”    

To know where an individual designer stands regarding Ravelry and their business plans please visit their website or follow them on social media. 

Why do you not link to some designer’s websites?

Many designer’s websites provide shopping links that go directly to Ravelry with no warning. Previous to NuRav many independent designers only sold patterns via Ravelry and there were not well known accessibility problems. However, with the reports of physical harm caused by NuRav, many designers have been scrambling to provide alternatives and have not yet updated their websites to reflect these changes.  

Out of an abundance of caution, I have chosen not to provide links to a Designer’s website if they have unmarked links to Ravelry.  This decision is in no way a reflection on the designer themselves.   It’s a credit to the Designers on this list that many have moved quickly to change their business practices. When warranted I will provide information on why a person may wish to visit the website while taking caution where they click. With all that said, I cannot guarantee that sites I provide links to are fully safe or accessible.  Makers should always take whatever precautions are necessary for their individual circumstances.

Does a designer’s complete catalog need to be available on an Off Rav platform to be on The Fiber Indy List?

Some designers have all their patterns available on non-Ravelry platforms.  However, many designers are in the process of transitioning or setting up new sales sites for themselves.  Also, there are designers working to update their PDF’s to be more accessible.  It will vary by designer how many of their patterns will be available outside of Ravelry.  But, all designers on The Fiber Indy List have at least some of their work available on alternative marketplaces.

Why do some designers have links to multiple marketplaces? Which should I use?

Designers have their own strategies for utilizing different platforms and I cannot decide for them which platforms to promote.  Also, makers may prefer to use one platform over another because of their own familiarity with that site.   ​(Please, note some of the links are affiliate links. All affiliate links are clearly marked and used with the designer’s permission. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may then earn a commission which helps support this website and my YouTube Channel. For more information on affiliate links, pleas see below)

Why do you not provide pictures of the designers’ patterns?

The Fiber Indy List is a shopping directory and not a pattern database. My goal with TFIL was to quickly provide a centralized directory so makers and designers could find one another, and to provide a solution to a new problem in the online fiber universe.  I am not a professional Web developer and do not have the resources to set up a pattern database.   Also, there are legal issues around copyright and materials releases that I cannot resolve with my current resources.

To see photos of the Designer’s amazing work, I encourage you to visit their online shops, sign up for their newsletters and/or follow them on social media.  Also, check out Fiber Happenings! Fiber Happenings is my weekly update of new pattern releases, MAL, sales and other news from independent designers! You can see some of the desingers on the TFIL latest work!

How do designers get onto the TFIL?

Designers submit information to me through a form. I then look at their work and website to assess their work and write a description.  My requirements for appearing on TFIL:
– Provide pattern sales and support Off Rav.
– Not be associated with sites that support or make room for racism, bigotry or prejudice.

I have discovered an error and/or broken link on TFIL. Where can I report it?

Please head to the Contact Page to reach out to me. ​​

How are you profiting from The Fiber Indy List?

I am not profiting from The Fiber Indy List.   TFIL is a passion project – I know you’ve probably heard this before.  I would like this project to be self sustaining, but that is  way off.  Designer’s do not pay me to appear on the List.  Makers do not need to be members.  This is free to use.  If my site gains traction I may start placing ads, but so far I have not been accepted by Google Ads or other internet advertising sites.  You will see affiliate links and banners on my site, however. To learn more please read the affiliate section of the FAQ. 

I do accept tips and donations through  “Buy me a Coffee” which help support my website and YouTube Channel where I do promote OffRav Designers.  If you’d like to learn more about this and my current goals please visit my “Buy me a Coffee” page. ​

What is your stance on Ravelry banning MAGA in 2019?

I fully support Ravelry’s decision to ban MAGA and pro-Trump patterns and forums in 2019.  Period.  I do not have common cause with people who feel Ravelry mistreated them in 2019.  People who are attempting to capitalize on the NuRav controversy to spread racism, homophobia, transphobia, and/or other bigotries are not people for whom I created The Fiber Indy List.  

What if you discover a designer on TFIL associate with sites promoting MAGA, Q Anon, anti-LGBTQ, racism, etc?

They will be removed form TFIL.


Although my videos and website are free, making them takes time, resources, and coffee! If you would like to help support my channel please consider buying me a coffee, using one of my affiliate links, and subscribing to my YouTube channel. 

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Affiliate Links FAQ

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are a way for visitors to help support my work as a content creator.  Sites as Amazon, Etsy, Lovecrafts, etc have affiliate programs that pay commissions to creators who place banners and links on their content. When visitors click on an affiliate link your are taken to their site.  If you make a purchase I may earn a commission. Whether I earn a commission depends on the specific terms of the affiliate program of each company.  

Why do you use affiliate links?

The content on my website, The Fiber Indy List and YouTube Channel are free for you to enjoy, however, it is not free for me to create.  Just for the YouTube Channel require I purchase Yarn, knitting needles for review, production equipment, computer equipment, hard drives, memory cards etc.  And then there is the time spent preparing, shooting and editing the videos.  The blog and The Fiber Indy List also take a fair amount of time and resources to produce. I must also pay for my website domain and hosting services.

How do i know when i’m clicking on affiliate link?

I clearly mark any and all affiliate links.  Many affiliate programs and FTC regulations require I disclose any affiliate links. But, even without these requirements, transparency is very important to me. Before I was a creator, I was a consumer. I saw first hand some shady practices: creators not disclosing affiliate links, recommending bad products just for the commissions, etc.  I do not wish to take part in such unethical behavior.  

​Also, I am committed to only linking to products that I would either use myself or believe is of use to my audience.  (I may not utilize row counters, but that does not mean you should not buy a quality one if you want one).  And the fact is, in the long term, maintaining my integrity is good business.  

Are affiliate links used on The Fiber Indy List?

Affiliate Banners may appear on The Fiber Indy List and its subpages: Knitting Indy, Crochet Indy, and Yarnie Indy.  In regards to individual Designer listings on The Fiber Indy List, where appropriate and with the Designer’s permission, a link to a Designer’s pattern listings may be an affiliate link.  If an individual listing has an affiliate link it will be clearly marked.  

It is important to understand that affiliate programs for sites like Lovecrafts and Etsy are programs run by the website and not the Designer.  Any commissions I receive from the website are paid by the website and not by the Designer. 

Will you prioritize designers who you use affiliate links?

The short answer: NO.  

The long answer: The goal of The Fiber Indy List is to provide a resource for makers and designers to find each other outside of Ravelry.  To be on the list, Designers only have to provide a method of providing their patterns and pattern support outside of Ravelry and be inclusive.  Designers are NOT required to sell patterns on a site for which I am an affiliate.  I do not intend to show favor toward Designers based on my utilizing affiliate links. 

Many designers sell their work on different platforms.  When building TFIL I decided it is not my place to decide which platform a maker chooses to buy patterns, and the list exists to provide information.  From the beginning I chose to list a Designer’s links as follow:  

– Personal Website (if applicable)
– Personal Website Integrated Shopping Cart (if applicable)
– Other platforms listed alphabetically (eg  Etsy, Lovecrafts, Payhip)

This was true before I became an affiliate and remains true now.   If designers do not wish me to include affiliate links on their individual listing, I do not use an affiliate link and will not receive a commission from the website you use to buy patterns.  Links that are an affiliate link will be clearly marked. 

If you use affiliate links why do you still ask for tips to support TFIL?

It is uncertain from month to month if my affiliate links will be used. But, my expenses continue regardless.  As a small creator it is necessary for me to pursue multiple revenue streams to maintain a viable presence.  Tips from “Buy Me a Coffee” are earmarked for specific needs which you can see on my “Buy Me a Coffee” page.  I would love nothing more to not utilize “Buy me a Coffee”. 

Will you start recommending products just to get commissions from your affiliate links?

This is a legitimate concern.  All I can say is, my personality is such that I cannot recommend products and services that I do not believe in.  To do so, would be lying.  Also, in my opinion, my long terms success relies on my integrity and the trust I build with visitors and my subscribers.   I am committed to only linking to products that I either use myself or believe is of use to my audience.  

​In short, making recommendations is good ethics and good business. 

What affiliate programs are you associated with?