The EPIC Needle Review is Here

I’d say more than a few times a month, I’ll be looking at one of my knitting Facebook groups and the question will come up: Which interchangeable needle set should I buy?
Interested in purchasing any of the needles I reviewed? Below are links*. 
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I will say that I think interchangeable needles are an excellent investment if you like to knit with a wide range of yarn weights and project sizes.   The upfront cost is higher than buying a fixed circular, but in the long run, you spend less because you are not buying various lengths of circulars in the same size. 

When the question “Which set should I buy”  is asked on groups, more times than not, people will just throw out their favorite brand.  Not me.  I’ve always given a detailed break down because I have the privilege of owning six sets of needles.  (Ridiculous I know.). Now I don’t have to write it out anymore. Because I made a video!

Something I want to say here that I don’t think I make clear in the video: which set you prefer is in large part a matter of personal preference.  In truth, in terms of quality all of these needles are very good and I don’t think you can go wrong.  In the end what you like in a needle – the tip’s taper and sharpness, it’s grip, the cable – is going to depend on what you like.

In preparation for the video I did a speed test the night before.  I did four rows of stockingnette with each of my needles. This isn’t a scientific comparison by any stretch. To do that I’d have to do the test multiple times to get an average speed and account for irregular results.  But, it still gave me a good idea of which needles were fastest AND cemented for me which sets I love versus which sets I like.   Here is a link to my Google Sheet: Speed Test Results.  

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