Real Life vs Craft Life. Real Life Wins Round 1

Modern motherhood is figuring out how to balance potty training, laundry and managing your new YouTube channel.

Am I crazy taking up the challenge? Probably.  Am I having fun?  YES!

Well, potty training isn’t so fun. It’s messy.  Todder’s are gross.

But, the YouTube channel is fun.  Even though I’m a tiny grain of sand in the YouTube universe,  I’ve gotten such positive and helpful feedback.   But, I’m only human and realized this is not the week to upload. 😞

But, the good news is I am commiting to a regular upload schedule! Mondays and Fridays.  And next week I have two videos that I think are bangers.


​Monday I’m going to break down my favorite Bind Off.  I have strong feelings about the chain bind-off (shocking) and think I have a better alternative


Friday is a biggie and just in time for the Holiday shopping scene. I have six sets of interchangeable needles and I’m reviewing them all.  If you’ve been wanting to invest in a set but confused by all the options hopefully this helps. 

As Always,
Happy Knitting.

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