Lee Meredith

Lee Meredith
About the Designer:

If you are looking for knitting adventure, unique construction, any gauge patterns, or modular designs (Yes!) Lee Meredith is a designer for you. A graphic artist living in Portland, OR, Lee has been designing accessories since 2007. Her work uses bold color and inspired stitch patterns to create beautiful and unexpected textures. Lee’s work is truly original. ¬†Note, proceeds of sales are donated to mutual aid societies and/or social justice movements.

‚ö†Caution: Only a portion of Lee Merediths’ catalog is available on Payhip. The complete collection can be viewed on her website, BUT the shopping cart is integrated with Ravelry. If you are avoiding Ravelry do not click on “Add to Shopping Cart” on the website shopping page. If a pattern is unavailable on Payhip, reach out to Lee Meredith on Twitter or Instagram. She will make the pattern available on Payhip as soon as she can.

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