A Mighty Mighty Fiber Group on a Mighty Network… Why?

First Some Background

If follow me on social media, watch my YouTube Channel or are on my email list, you probably know I started a Temperature Blanket MAL for 2021! 

​In truth I started this on a whim and I have never done a MAL of any kind before. But, I have always learned best by doing, so I went ahead and jumped in.  (If you want to join along, you still can.  It’s never to late to start a temperature blanket or start sharing yours with us over on my Fiber Group!” )

A KAL for February!

And I am now starting a KAL for February 2021.  I have been promising to get this together for MONTHS.  It is finally happening.  From February 1st to February 29th, I will be hosting a KAL for my Mera Fingerless Glove.  This is one of my all time favorite projects.  I dreamed this up while watching Aquaman and reminiscing about my own childhood fantasy of being a Mermaid.  This pattern is free for those taking part in the KAL.  To join sign up for my Fiber Group: Knits Where It’s At.  Right now I have the introduction to the pattern posted so you can start gathering your supplies and, if you want, start a swatch.  (Want to learn all about making a swatch in the round? I have a video on that!)
I have made this glove many times and used this pattern to test the Addi Flexi Flip Needles for Epic Review video.

The Yarn I used for this pair was the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes*. 

*As a Knit Picks Affiliate I earn on qualifying Purchases. To learn more please visit my FAQ.

Why Are You Not Doing All this On Ravelry?

II am very excited to start these ventures and create a community for Makers to share in the love knitting, crochet, Tunisian Crochet and whatever else strikes our fancy.  I really see this as an extension of my YouTube Channel mission which is to share the love crafting with the world!

However, I legitimate concern was raised that I want to address. A email subscriber was very concerned that I am having these MAL on a non-Ravelry, non-Facebook platform.  Which I completely get. In this day and age of scams and platforms that have attracted less than desirable personalities, how could they know my space could be trusted.  

Well, first let me say that I hope my space will be trusted because I am trustworthy.  Although I try not to dwell on politics on my YouTube Channel and other spaces, where I stand on issues is no secret.  I volunteered with the Biden campaign. I vocally stood by Ravelry’s decision in 2019 to de-platform MAGA projects. I am a lifelong Feminist. I am the white Jewish mother of a Black Jewish Daughter.  I make no space for intolerance, racism, anti-LGBTQ+, sexism and misogyny, antisemismism, and other bigotries.  I would not choose to a house my fiber group on a website that did.  

Base on my above statement Ravelry would appear to be a natural place to host my Make Alongs and create a Fiber Group.  However, due to Ravelry’s issues with accessibility which has been well covered here on my blog and on my YouTube Channel, Ravelry is simply not an option. 

Why Not Facebook?

I am very well versed in Facebook groups. I am an Admin for a group on Facebook.  And for a time I considered starting a Crafting Group on Facebook for my YouTube subscribers and other people who follow me.  However, the truth is I don’t love Facebook.  It’s one of those social media platforms that as a practical matter I can’t totally cut out of my life.  But, it’s not one I wish to feel feel tied to any more than I have to. 

My dislike for Facebook operates on several levels.  For one I just do no like their interface, especially since their latest update. 🤢. But, more than anything I do not care for Facebooks rather terrible Community Standard enforcement.  I can criticize most Social Media platforms for the same reason.  There is also the rather questionable ethics of how Facebook collects and sells user data.  

With all this in mind I decided I would rather start a community on a platform where I felt less tied to some third parties ideas of how to create a safe environment. 

Mighty Network: What it is and Why I Chose It

The easiest way I can describe Mighty Network is that it’s a website the allows people to create their own community board.  That’s it.  Mighty Network is geared certainly geared toward creators who want to offer their own courses and memberships, somewhat like Patreon, however I am not using those features at this time.  The reason I chose Mighty Network was I found the interface friendly and similar enough to Facebook that people unfamiliar with the it could easily get comfy.  Also, I liked their app and it was well regarded by other knit designers whom I trust.

So, that’s it.  Really.  It’s that simple.  The Knits Where It’s At Group is a crafting group.  And I hope it is one you may find a home where you can meet other crafters, spread the joy of making, and perhaps make new friends along the way.

​Happy Health and Happy Making!

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