I Dissent…from searching for the Notorious RBG on Ravelry

It was a simple question…On one of my FB groups  someone asked about “I Dissent” patterns to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg- May her memory be a revolution. Justice Ginsburg was known for wearing jabots, an ornamental, frilled collar judges wear with their robes.  Justice Ginsburg did not have just one jabot.  There are several. However, the collar she wore depended if she was in the majority or reading her dissent.  Justice Ginsburg believed women belonged everwhere decision are made. She fought for herself and women to be at the table.  The fight continues and we can all put on our own jabot to honor her legacy.

If you would like to make an “I Dissent” project yourself and are avoiding Ravelry, here are a few options. I think Justice Ginsburg would want her legacy to include accessibility.

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Accessible “I Dissent” Projects

Dissent Cowl by Carissa Browning*: $5.00 Currently 20% of sales will be donated to the ACLU. Fall is coming and this gorgeous cowl will keep you as warm as the quiet fire Ruth Bader Ginsburg brought to a dissenting opinion. The cowl features textured stitches and baubles to mimick the beading of many of Justice Ginsburg’s jabots. 

Ginsburg Coller by Sheila Toy Stromberg:  $2.00 Lovely crochet lace collar.  This would work up quickly and easily added to a sweater set, Halloween costume, or to wear when you go out to vote.  Perhaps make it up in Purple to allign with emPower People Project.  (Information on emPower People is on the TFIL main page under Fiber Happenings)

RBandG Tank Top by Stephanie Erin*: $7.91. This very cool top down tank top has a neckline inspired by RBG’s Dissnet collar.  No need to wait until sweater weather to show off your admiration for the Notorious RBG. 

RBG Doll and Finger Puppet*: $5.75 Keep  the Notorious RGB memory alive by making one of these toys for a favorite child in your life.  Or make the doll for yourself to keep on your desk, a shelf, anywhere you might need to occassionally look up and feel inspired.  Because sometimes we all need to ask “What Would Ruth Bader Ginsburg do.” 

Dissent by Andra Rangel: $10.00 Beautiful, stranded color work yoke cardigan that evokes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissent coller.  Andrae Rangel also has a pullover sweater version of this project.

Dissent Cowl by Carissa Browning: Mosaic Pattern* $5.00.  Currently 20% of sales will be donated to the ACLU. This is a knitted Cowl pattern by Carissa Browning. This cowl features mosaic pattern work and is a top down construction. It will also keep you as warm as the steely determination Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lifted weight. 

Making an “I Dissent” project is a way to honor an amazing woman who fought to make equal rights a reality for ALL Americans.  However, knitting or crocheting a project in her memory is not craftivism – well unless you purchase the Carissa Browning designs while she donating 20% of her proceeds to the ACLU.  


Some things to do:

  • Call, text and write your representative.  Tell them what you want them to do with the power We the People have invested in them. Resist Bot can help.
  • Make a plan to vote in honor of the Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dissent in Shelby vs Holder. The majority opinion gutted the Voting Rights Act.  Many BIPOC Americans have to work harder to vote than ever.  To restore the VRA we have to show up at the polls.
  • Volunteer to be a poll worker in your area, again to honor her dissent of Shelby v Holder
  • Do not shop at Hobby Lobby if you do not have to in honor of Justice Ginsburg’s dissent in Hobby Lobby vs United States which allows some companies to deny employees health insurance that covers birth control
Want to learn more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Here are some suggested reading.  
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