Modern Knitting: Technology Fail and the Comfort of Low Tech Notions

The last two days have been uber frustrating. Long story short, my hard drive failed. It’s not completely catastrophic – I don’t believe it’s physical damage. I think there are corrupted files. But, the result is I am trying to back up data, some of it is working. Bought a new hard drive, that was expensive. (If you’d want to help support my channel please use one of my affiliate links, or buy me a coffee. ?) 
But, the biggest problem … The one that’s breaking my heart is, my latest video is trapped in digital limbo.
I have been trying to rescue her.  But, it’s not going well.  Pretty sure whatever is going on with the disk is right where the file is living.  I can’t get it to copy over to my back up hard drive.

The good news is I still have al the raw media files so I can always start over editing….from scratch…like I’m just back at the very beginning. 

No, really it’s going to be fine. One thing about starting an edit from scratch. (?) are you already made a lot of decisions and you do not have have to make them again. Now that I think about it, it is not unlike knitting and frogging. The thought of starting over is so much worst than the actual starting over. Once I buckle own and do it, it will be fine. 

The Comfort of Low Tech

All of this technology failure has got me thinking of the comfort of physical, low tech stuff. Maybe this is why I prefer pen and paper for knitting patterns and recipes.  It’s definitely why I have never embraced knitting apps to track my work.  Paper is easy to replace, a tablet is not. 

So how do I keep track of my work? Stitch makers!

And this week I had a really fun twitter discussion about stitch markers and progress trackers. 

I learned a couple of new from this conversation

1. There are things called progress trackers.   They are used to mark rows of knitting and track shaping
2. Progress trackers are distinct from stitch makers
3. The tools used for progress trackers and stitch makers seem pretty much the same to me
4. I have been using stitch markers as progress trackers for years. Why did no one tell me there was a name for it? Rude.

If you have watched my vides: What’s in My Notions Bag, or Intro to Knitting Fundamentals, or Tracking Shaping Rows with Stitch Markers (oh I guess that would progress trackers) then you know I have strong feelings about my bulb pins and plastic interlocking stitch makers.  

I ❣️ them.

Two breath mint tins. Left tin filled with black bulb pins. Right tin filled plastic stitch markers

In addition to bulb pins, scrap yarn makes great progress trackers and stitch marks. Knitters and crocheters, we always have scrap yarn. In my notions bag, there is always a small wadded up ball of it,  ready to grab and use to mark out a repeat. 

And because my bulb pin or scrap yarn is part of the work it never goes missing the way row counters, ore scraps. of paper can. 

Want to see how I use scrap yarn as progress trackers and stitch makers? Tune Knit Tea Live! this Sunday.  I livestream on YouTube every Sunday at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern.


The thing is I usually love computers and technology and finding an app to make my life easier. I have a much easier time keeping files on my computer organized than pieces of paper in my house.  But, actual, tangible things can be comforting and satisfying. And don’t we all need a little bit of comfort and satisfaction right now.

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