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Do you know it’s only been two days since I drank a couple glasses of wine and started to build“The Indy List?” Well it has been, and the response has been so positive from designs and crafters alike.  I am so glad I am able to put together this resource for people.  

Many of you have generously tipped me while I started building this list. I want you to know where those tips are going toward and why.  


Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Some Backstory

​Ever since I started YouTube and my Blog I’ve held out the tip jar.  I never truly expected much to come from it, but my feeling was always why not. It could help me fund some of the things I do with YouTube (get those needles I want to review, buy some yarn for the on camera swatches, upgrade my webcam, buy hard drives….).  

Because of my experience on YouTube, I knew at some point “The Indy List” would require a need that that love and effort cannot fulfill.

And, sure enough, it has.  When I started this blog on Weebly it was because I hated Blogger.  In High School I was the Editor in Chief for the school newspaper.  Anyone who reads my tweets knows I didn’t earn that position with proofreading.   Nope. My skill was writing and layout. (I want to put text and photos where I want them, damn it!)  Weebly gave me that ability with their free website builder. No coding skills needed.  Perfect.

New Goals

“The Indy List” is reaching the end of what I can get from Weebly for free, and believe me I will drain every free service I can. I am adding a Google Ad Sense to the site to help cover costs, but that takes time to set up and I do not know how long it will be until it is generating income.

Before AdSense is set up, I will have to commit to upgrading my site to a paid plan.  Switching to a paid plan will not only get a unique domain name, it will help me add better searchability to the “The Indy List.”  

Thanks to your generosity,  I am 29% of the way to getting the paid plan fully funded for the year.   I am so incredibly grateful to all of you.  And I am working to live up to the faith you have placed in me to get this done, and get this done well.

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Many Ways to Offer Support

If you do not wish to tip me with cups of coffee, I get it. These are tough times and I know I’m one of 100,000’s of people holding out the hat.  But, there other ways you can support my efforts. Please consider the following:

  • Visit this “Indy Site” regularly for updates to the list and check out the Designers work.  Ultimately I was inspired to star this project to connect Indy Designers and Crafters looking for each other outside of Ravelry.  
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  Currently my videos focus on my love of knitting offering my tips, tricks, opinion and preferences, and every Sunday I Livestream at 11:00 am PDT to talk about … you guessed it knitting.  
  • Subscribe to my Newsletter. The sign up form is at the bottom of every page of the site.  When you do I will send you a free knitting pattern and you will receive occasional updates on what’s happening with all things Carrie CraftGeek.
  • Favorite and shop my Etsy Shop.  Currently I am selling handmade Fashion Facemasks, but I do want to start offering original handmade jewelry as well.
  • Follow me on all my social media: 

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