I started a Thing: The Indy List

I started a thing

This is how it happened: If you’ve been following the Ravelry NuRav debacle, you know that many Indy fiber artists who have previously relied on Ravelry for their business, are setting up alternative platforms to sell their work. (If you do not know about what’s going on with Ravelry please check out my YouTube videos on it) 
So, I was sitting Sunday night thinking about my livestream and someone asked if there was any other platform like Ravelry.  And honestly there is not.  One of the innovations Ravelry brought to the online fiber universe was a centrally located database of patterns and sales. However, with recent accessibility issues that center is not holding.

And another glass – okay three glasses in – I thought, “You know Carrie, you can’t build a NuNuRav, but you can put together a list of sites. You’ve been talking to designers on Twitter. Why don’t you ask them for some links.”  And the  The Indy List was born. 

This is a simple directory listing designers, their links, and short blurb by me. My goal is to make this list accessible and help designs and makers find each other outside of Ravelry. No designer is paying me. I am doing this to support designers who are standing with the disability community, often at cost to themselves. It’s truly a labor of love. If you would like to leave me a tip to help support this effort, it would be greatly appreciated.  

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For Designers

It started with a tweet. But, it’s growing.  If you would like to be added to The Indy List please fill out this form.  I am building this list by myself with whatever free time I have, so be patient as I make my way through.  

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