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Hey all y’all,
Since the Ravelry accessibility debacle occurred , I have learned some of the ways I posted craft recipes on this site goes against WGAC guidelines.  (Link here to learn more about this).  While I work on my making this material accessible I have removed them from the site.  If you’d like a free PDF download of any of the craft recipes please click here.  (Or on any o the images, or the button below)

Update on the Ravelry Accessibility Debacle

Now, let’s talk more about Ravelry.  I shot another KNITTING SECRETS REVEALED Video yesterday and an update on the Ravelry situation.  If you have not watched the Knit Tea where I discuss the situation, head on over. And make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Hit the Notification Bell so you will be updated when it goes live!
Due the nature of my life and my videos I don’t know if that will get up in a timely manner so I want to address some of it here.  

Ravelry has recently posted an update about the NuRav (nickname for the New Ravelry look) and say Ravelry has taken some steps to address their accessibility issues.    I will link to their offsite blog post if you’d like to read it, but be warned it is in the NuRav format.  (Someone put up a link to the update on a google doc. But, I forgot to copy the link.  If I find it I will give an update)

As for the post itself, in my opinion, it leaves a lot to be desired.  I go into detail on this in the upcoming video, but, in short I find it minimizing and ableist.  And believe me it gives me no pleasure to write this about Ravelry.

Although my personal use of Ravelry has always been love/hate, I’ve always held the site itself and the team behind it in high regard.  Ravelry has played an important, vital role in the Fiber community. There would be a huge void left behind if Ravelry were to go down.  I want Ravelry to succeed.  Truly.   But, in order for it to thrive, Ravelry needs to get over whatever issues are holding them back and fix their problems. 

Again I want Ravelry to succeed.  I want us all to be able to enjoy and use the site. 

Thank you for reading and as Always Happy Knitting!
Carrie CraftGeek

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