Cloth Masks For Sale and a YouTube Break

What’s the old Curse? May you live in interesting times.  These are interesting times indeed. If you’ve been following my YouTube Channel, you may have noticed that my video potsts have become a little sparse.  There’s one big reason for that:  I’ve been furiously making face masks.
Sewing is one of my newer crafts and with an active toddler one I seldom get to indulge in.  But, when Mayor Garcetti, soon followed by the CDC, recommended people wear cloth face masks when out in public it was time to bust on the needle and thread — well sewing machine and thread.  My hand sewing is crap.  But, give me a machine and a good presser foot and I’m off to the races.  Anyhoo, my video studio had to be turned over to my sewing studio

I made so many masks that I decided to take the plunge and opened the Carrie Craft Geek Emporium to sell them.  I do hope you’ll check it out and make it a favorite as I am planning to expand its offerings including some of my own knitting patterns. (Check out the instagram to see some of my original work)

I have not abandoned the YouTubes, however.  New videos are coming soon.  I’m busy prepping for an exciting new video: toilette paper core crafts for knitters! Stay tuned.

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