Crafters…our time is now!


How are you?  How many days in social distancing/physical distancing are you? I have lost count.  It’s been almost three weeks I think.  

Physical Distancing is a great time to learn new methods!
There are definitely ups and downs.  But, one positive is this past week I was able to put my crafting skills to good use.  On Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti recommended people start wearing non-medical, cloth face coverings.  
There had been talk at the beginning of the week that this was coming.  So, I set my knitting aside, and busted out the sewing machine.  

Sewing is one of my newer crafts, which mean it’s where I have the last experience. But, I can sew a straight-ish seam and an okay curve so I made these masks.  And I’ll be making more if I can find supplies!

I was able to make these for my family and friends.  It definitely feels good to able to make things for people that is helpful during this time. And I have to say generally, seeing the way people are pulling together to help each other through these time is heartening.  

​But, busing out the sewing machine, means putting way the computer.   I am behind on my editing.  So, my next video I’m aiming to post on Tuesday , Wednesday the lates.  

Also, I got a video request! I have not forgotten and will be shooting a video soon of my slowing down my knitting and concentrating on what I do with my left hand while lever knitting.  

Happ Knitting!

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