Meditation Jar Recipes: AKA How to Make a Glitter Jar

My latest obsession, other than knitting, is meditation jars. …. Okay, okay, okay.  That’s just what I call a glitter jar to make it seem more bougie and cool Mom.  But, honestly, glitter jars may be used to sooth kids, but they are just as effective for adults.  I have the videos to prove it.  
I can’t remember when I first heard about glitter jars.  It was probably when I was a new Mom and was reading up on all the tips and tricks new Moms had to share.  But, it wasn’t until watching the show Esme and Roy with my daughter, who was entering her three-angers that decided it was time to make one.  This is a super easy project and with endless possibilities in choosing color combinations, types of glitter, viscosity of water, etc. Find the Recipe and PDF here 

After making my first jar I shot a quick video to show some friends online.  And I immediately wanted to shoot a better video. .

After the shooting the video I got to thinking about all those craft videos that fast forward though a craft project.  LOOK YOU CAN MAKE A CANDY GERANIUM, SO FAST SO EASY! 

Anyone who has ever done a candy geranium knows it’s not fast and it’s not easy. 

I’ve actually grown rather weary of those five minute, fast craft videos. Yes, they sell the project.  But, they’re useless in seeing how to actually do the project.  And deceptive.  

I wanted to make a video that slowed things down and allowed you to actually enjoy watching the process. That’s the inspiration behind this video.  Personally I really enjoy watching someone work their craft.  So, this is going to be the first in a series where I work a craft and slow things down.  

​And honestly, make a meditation jar for your children and for yourself. 

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