Crafting in the Age of Coronavirus

How are you?  How is your social distancing going? (Please be social distancing)

​It’s hard to believe that it’s only been four days since California went under a Stay at Home Order. Although, in truth, my family had started practicing social distancing two weeks ago, a few days before LAUSD closed down.

It’s not easy.  It definitely takes a mental toll. Simple things like going to the grocery store now take on much greater significance.  I actually insisted that I was the one going to Costco because I needed to get out of the house and have some alone time.  

I do believe it’s important in times like this to find joy, and crafting has always brought me joy.  Like a good crafter I have a stash.  It should, hopefully, last through this period in time.  


This week’s video is about cleaning and sanitizing your knitting tools.  ​I focused on knitting needles, but the information I share can be applied to any surface made of similar materials.

​Cleaning my knitting needles has never been something I thought a whole lot about, but it’s good to know how to properly clean and disinfect any surface.  

The information I share is what I have learned on the internets. And below are links to helpful resources I found.  

Hang in there. This will end. ​​

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