Gotta Get this Off My Chest

I got my first critical comment.  It was nothing mean or nasty, just honest feedback. I won’t lie.  I felt kind of gutted.  I’m a baby channel and a big video for me is one that grabs 10 views on day one.
The comment was in regards to my Knitting Fundamentals: Episode 2 Long Tail Cast On Basics.  In short the viewer felt I over complicated the tutorial.  Now, I don’t know if they meant I was unclear or providing more information than was needed.  If it was the former that’s a problem because I’m always seeking to be clear.  But, if it’s a latter.  I’m okay with that.
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I go into great detail explaining the structure of the Long Tail Cast On before I actually demonstrate how to do the cast on.  I recognize that’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  And I get it.  A lot of times when I go to look up a tutorial, I just need the directions.  It’s also why I give time code so viewers can easily skip to parts of the video they want to watch.

But, the truth is there are a ton of videos on YouTube that will give you the quick tutorial.  And I want to do something different with this series.  As I said in my intro video, I don’t want to show people just how to do something in knitting, but why the technique works the way it does.  My goal is to provide a deeper understanding of this craft.

Franky, I’ve done a lot of reading on knitting.  And I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how knitting works.  I find it fascinating how just two stitches – the knit stitch and the purl stitch – can create such a breath and variety of different fabrics.  It’s magical.

I think this study has made me a better, more confident knitter.  I think I’m better able to troubleshoot when I have a problem, and tackle projects that challenge my skills. 

Knitting Fundamentals may not be for everyone. I might share more information than people need at times.  But, I’m gong to keep making the videos I want.  And if I”m not clear on something, pleas let me know so I can do better. 

Happy Knitting,
Carrie CraftGeek

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