Introducing Knitting Fundamentals

Oh boy was this a doozy of a video to get done!  It almost feels epic.  I won’t get into all the gory details.  Let’s just say there was flu and technical difficulties aplenty.  But, finally, I have my first video of the New Years up!
Watch the video!
In this video I’m introducing the Knitting Fundamentals series where I’ll be starting with the knitting basics going over both knitting in practice and theory.  Although I’m gearing this to new knitters, I think experienced knitters will get a deeper understanding of this craft we all love. So, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share with you friends! 
This first video I cover the basics and my recommendations for supplies new knitters need to build their starter kit.  The video goes over some broad and basic qualities of yarn, needles, and notions for knitters to look at. But, I do have some specific recommendations listed down below!  
Happy Knitting !


Knit Picks: An online fiber retailer with their own in house brand of affordable yarns, needles and notions.  You can easily find everything you need to get started.  I personally find their photos true to color and they offer great descriptions of their yarn colors as well.

Webs: Webs is a family owned yarn store in Western Massachusetts. They offer a wide selection of popular yarns at great prices.  Check out Plymouth Yarn for affordable, quality fiber.  One caveat with this website, when choosing yarn color be aware their photos are not true to color. 

Jimmy Beans Wool: Touts itself as the local yarn store online. Offers a wide range of yarns and knitting supplies.  


KnitPicks: Wool of the Andes. This is a basic, affordable 100% wool yarn.  It’s perfect for first time knitters.  

Lions Brand: Wool Ease, a wool, acrylic blend.  Wide range of colors and easy to find in the Chain Craft Stores. 

Lions Brand: Fisherman’s Wool. 100% Lamb Wool.  Limited color selection but comes in a nice quantity and nice to work with.  Use coupons for the chain craft stores to get this at a great price

Cascade 220 Superwash: A lovely, popular work horse yarn.  Superwash wools are treated so they can be hand or machine washed.  This wool may seem more expensive, but it’s 220 yards/100 oz, so the price per oz is very competitive for a quality yarn

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