Hard Truths

My latest video was a tough one for me.  I didn’t plan it.  I was upset hearing Kamala Harris was out of the race and wanted to talk about it, in addition to racism and issues in the crafting community.  I turned out far more emotional than I expected and there’s footage I didn’t use because well…reasons.

But, I’m proud that I not only said what I had to say, but that I posted the video.  These are hard times right now. I know for me knitting is not just a hobby but an act of self care and yes temporary escape.  However, I do think we need to be careful of confusing self care with denial.  When we deny that the knitting world is just as susceptible to racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other prejudices we allow those things to fester.

The knitting world is a wonderful world. But, it does not exist in a bubble.  And I hope that we can have open, honest conversations that allow all of us to grow as people. 

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