Lever Knitting

Lever knitting might be why I started a YouTube Channel. Seriously.  

I’m such a proponent of this style of knitting and want to share it with the world.  It’s fast, efficient, and in my experience pain free. I can knit for such long stretches now.  

Before learning to lever knit I was starting to experience wrist pain.  That stopped.

​About 8 years ago I started my journey to lever knitting. I can’t remember where I heard the term  but I did.  So I hit the Googles.  I was very disappointed to see a dearth of useful material. The few videos I found were not very clear.  I found one video that clearly showed how to tension the yarn and the pencil grip.  But, nothing that really broke down how knitting lever style was different from conventional English knitting.  

Finally I found ONE, fuzzy video of the Yarn Harlot at a convention booth showing it using the underarm method. (See Knit Faster with Lever Knitting Pt 2)  I was amazed at her speed.  I watched the video over and over again trying to figure out what it was she was doing. And finally I saw it.  It was the left needle.  The left needle loaded and unloaded the stitches off of the right needle. Bingo! 

Learning to use my left needle and evenly dividing the work was the single biggest revolution in my knitting.  I’d put in par with the shot clock in basketball or GUI for computers – complete game changer.  

Franky if I help people learn to make better use of their left needle while knitting I feel my mission is accomplished. 

As always, 
Happy Knitting!

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