And the journey begins!

It’s Friday afternoon.  I have a cold and I’m glued to world events.  But, I cannot believe I actually have a YouTube channel live and with new videos. I have 10 subscribers!
I’m so grateful to all my friends and family who are supporting me in this endeavor.  I am especially grateful to my hubby, Mike, who not only helped me set up a shooting space but watches our daughter so I can plan, shoot and edit. 
I am truly a lucky knitter.  In an addition to the videos I am working on a new project, an original design: a long tunic racerback.  I usually do small projects: hats, socks, gloves, etc.  So, this is a big leap for me.  But, it’s fun and so satisfying to see an idea come to life with every flick of yarn. 
Happy Knitting,
Current work in progress.  It’s an original design I’ve been dreaming about forever.

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